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Welcome to Brown Stories, where I share my passion for diverse books for all ages!

I started this blog because as a long-time diversity educator I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to promote:

a) The wonderful fictional & nonfictional works by authors of color and

b) The unknown histories of people of color in the United States and

c) My thoughts and suggestions for how to create a world where diversity is celebrate and embraced not merely tolerated.

Why BrownStories?

I admit I have a love for the color brown.  I come from a long line of brown-skinned folk, all shades of it, from the light latte mix to the darker mocha hues.  When the time came to attend college I of course attended Brown University, where I learned about all sorts of brown people from all parts of the country and the world.

As our census figures keep showing, our country is becoming more and more brown not just with the many new arrivals from distant and not so distant shores, but in the increasing number of Americans who identify as bi or multi-racial.  In a time where there are so many forces insistent on fueling hatred, violence, and fear, stories can help us to heal, can help us to learn, can empower us, and inspire us  to envision other ways of being, of loving, of living in peace.

Brown Storiesis a place where we can celebrate all our shades of brown, where we can both discover and learn from the difficult stories and celebrate and be empowered by the inspiring ones.


The first novel I read that inspired my passion for diverse books was Nildaby Nicholasa Mohr.  I was in college and was amazed that finally in all my years of reading I had found a story that I could relate to as a young Puerto Rican working-class woman.   I knew then I wanted to dedicate my career to teaching others about Latinos/as/x and other people of color.

I have been a college professor, a higher education administrator, owned a Latino/a speakers bureau, and been published in scholarly journals and popular books such as the Chicken Soup for the Latino/a Soul.

In addition to earning my undergraduate degree at Brown University, I also hold a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Comparative Ethnic Studies.  I've taught courses in Latino/a Studies, Race & Ethnicity, and Feminist & Gender Studies.